Offer for industry

Development of power electronics, measuring and control systems for:

  • Improvement of a power quality

Energy active filters (1- and 3-phase) with improved current quality indicators, FACTS systems, electricity quality analyzers.

  • Electric drive

Specialized electric drive systems – with high dynamics and limited adverse impact on the receiver (electric machine) – including converters (SINVERTER) with sinusoidal output voltage.

  • Converting and storage of electricity – including an energy coming from RES

Converter systems for wind, water and solar power plants with improved indicators energy (i.e. efficiency, energy quality) with electricity storage functions based on Li-ION batteries and supercapacitors. UPS systems. Power supplies.

  • Application in a specialized equipment

Generators of reference energy signals. Power supplies for magnetic field applicators for magnetotherapy. Miniature power supplies for mobile equipment, using modern SiC semiconductor devices and GaN.

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